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Stork Kiteboard


A suitable board for Moses foils and most other hydrofoils.

The convex shape of the Stork is responsible for reduced water resistance to enable an easy water start and also to avoid crashes in case of touchdowns. The small size and the convex shape offer a skate like feeling, while maintaining the control of the wing.

The board is suitable for Moses foils and most other hydrofoils, inserts for straps are available.

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The board is suitable for Moses foils, Liquid Force and most other hydrofoils.




Foil Kiteboard Woodboard Stork

Grip pad

Kiteboard size:  103 x 43 cm

Dimensions foil mount: 140 x 90 mm / 165 x 90 mm

Volume: 7 L

Weight: 2,8 kg

Rocker: high continuous rocker

Flex: 10/10 – stiff/no flex



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