Chame 138 Kiteboard


Allround Freeride Kiteboard for all your different styles.

As a low resistance board, the Chame starts fast on the low end and offers an excellent upwind performance. The board has a pronounced straight run and responds promptly and defined to steering pulses. The present and responsive edge turns the load & pop into a walkover, while the triaxial fabric provides smooth and stable landings.

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The Chame is a great freeride board for any kitesurfing level, for the intermediate and also the advanced kitesurfer, especially suitable for Oldschool tricks and Airstyle! You will like it as an unhooked beginner too, for your first unhooked jumps.


Full-3D wood core construction with triaxial glass fabric, arcuate channels on both sides with an additional single concave.
The fins are made of 3G material with a lateral height of 4.5 cm, attached via a single screw mounting  system for good flex distribution up to the tip.


Kiteboard Woodboard Chame

4 pcs fins incl. single screw mounting system

Kiteboard size: 138 x 42

Weight: 2,6 kg

Rocker: medium continuous rocker

Flex: 3/10 – soft

Dimensions138 × 43 × 30 cm


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