Beam 138 Kiteboard


Freeride/Freestyle kiteboard for beginners and intermediate riders.

The Woodboard Beam has a low resistance in the water, which allows early planing and an excellent upwind performance. Soft overall characteristics guarantee relaxed freeriding and a steep learning curve!

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The Beam is an ideal kiteboard for a beginner and intermediate kitesurfer, an easy to ride freeride board.


3D glass fiber construction with paulownia wood core and single concave.

The fins are made of 3G material with a lateral height of 4.5 cm, attached via a single screw mounting  system for good flex distribution up to the tip.


Kiteboard Woodboard Beam

4 pcs fins incl. single screw mounting system

Kiteboard size: 138 x 42

Weight: 2,6 kg

Rocker: small continuous rocker

Flex: 4/10 – soft

Dimensions138 × 43 × 30 cm


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