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Allround Freeride Kiteboard for all your different styles

Woodboard is a global operating kiteboard manufacturer located on the windspot Neusiedlersee in Austria, producing the finest rides on this planet. 

Manfred, founder and engineer, a pioneer board shaper, was among the first producers of snowboards in the early 1980s. He founded “MAMBOO” Snowboards and competed in the world-championship 1987 in St. Moritz/Switzerland.

After discovering his passion for kitesurfing, he decided to apply his expert craft to his new sport of choice, and established Woodboard in 2011.

After years perfecting our knowledge about flow and resistance in the water, we simulated the moments of load changes during take-off and landing, effects of fin size and position, channels, and outline. We worked on the plaining resistance, final speed and upwind performance, increasing the “Venturi Effect”. All that before we went into the prototyping and testing.

The result is a full 3D computer designed boardline, manufactured in highest quality by masters of craftsmanship. For quality control reasons we put serial numbers for 100% traceability.

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All round freeride fun

Lacuna kitesurfing products have been carefully designed with zero compromise in quality and rider safety. This allows the rider to progress and push their limits with confidence knowing that their equipment will not fail at the most critical moment.

Three years, 15+ versions of 5 different models, 60 plus different bridal combinations per kite, it took to create the ultimate top end product that can withstand the harshest of kitesurfing environments the world has to offer.

That is why Cape Town is the ultimate destination for kitesurfing research and development while manufacturing is done with precision at the factory in China.

This no compromise on quality and pushing every riders limits, gave birth to “The Call to the Void”, the idea that people have always been drawn to the unknown, stepping out of their comfort zone and knowledge base and exploring new possibilities.

This is what embodies our beliefs and is what has driven the brand to deliver unique products to serve our customers.

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We work with sustainable materials, we take care of the environment and we care about transmitting the necessary safety regulations to have the best experience in the water.